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Goats are herd animals and should not live alone. 

We will only sell a single goat to someone who already has goats. 

General Sales Policy:

We breed our goats with 3 things in mind: milk production, protein production and butterfat production.

Breeding is not an exact science and we can not guarantee that goat is show quality or how much milk goat will produce.  We can not guarantee adult animal height or an adult animal conformation.


We require deposit of $100 to hold young kid.

50% Deposit for mature animals. Deposit constitutes acceptance of GA Sky LLC sales policy.

Deposit is non-refundable. Balance due is paid when you pick up goat at the farm. 

Pick Up:

We do not ship or deliver goats. All reserved goats must be picked up and paid in full at the farm within 4 weeks of initial reservation. If full payment is not received and goat is not picked up, reservation will be cancelled and goat listed as available for sale.


Special Requests:

We hold reserved goat for free for 4 weeks. 

Boarding charges will apply after 4 weeks at a rate of $5.00 per day. Arrangements must be made in advance.

We have closed herd and purchase our goats from CAE negative herds. We do not test for CAE.

Veterinarian Certificate of Health and other testing and services will be financial responsibility of buyer.

GA Sky LLC will provide following:

We guarantee health of the animal prior to pick up. GA Sky LLC is not responsible for ANY health related issues after time of pick up.

ADGA registration form for young kid

ADGA transfer paper for mature animal

Kids will be disbudded unless polled

Hoofs trimmed

Tatoo (mature animal)

Current deworming treatment

Current CDT vaccination 

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