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Baby Goat Care

To take care of your bottle fed baby goat you will need:


Pritchard nipples

Milk Bottle or any Soda Bottle. Pritchard nipple fit any brand name soda bottles. Do not use human baby nipples or bottles.

Alfalfa hay.

Bag of goat feed. If your baby goat is a buck you will need Goat Feed Pellets with AMMONIUM CHLORIDE. If bucks don't get ammonium chloride with their feed they develop urinary calculi (stones and crystals in the urinary tract) 

We feed all of our does Goat Sweet Feed.   


Pritchard Nipples.png
Pritchard Nipples-2.png
Pritchard Nipples-3.png

This set is available for purchase at our Farm

Pritchard Nipples-5.png
Pritchard Nipples-4.png
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